Betty was a teenager attending a Baptist Sunday School and church with her family when she was given some Christian Science periodicals. While reading these periodicals she became intrigued by the way God was defined as Love. This reading brought newfound peace and joy. She accepted the concept without question as God’s message to her. She was one of twelve siblings raised by her parents in rural Oklahoma. Her father’s grandparents were settlers in the Oklahoma land run.

After graduating from high school, she married a musician and continued to read Christian Science periodicals found on her husband’s grandmother’s living room table and from a Laundromat while attending Business College. By holding to the scientific fact that “God is Love” and His love knows no barriers and had no favorite children, she overcame obstructions that attempted to prevent her from obtaining professional work in her field.

Later, as a single mother with a young child to support, Betty continued taking college courses while working full time until she received a Master’s of Education degree from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was employed at The Christian Science Church Center in Boston for over twenty years as a Human Resources Generalist. She also served as a host for a Boston based television program.

Shortly after taking Christian Science class instruction and because of her love and compassion for others she entered the public practice of Christian Science. Betty became a teacher of Christian Science in 2012.

Betty is an active member of First Church of Christ, Scientist Lynn, Massachusetts.

Contact her by Email: bjonealcsb@gmail.com or call 781 595 9944 or 781 223 1621.


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