Looking back, when I started out as a Christian Science practitioner the thought occurred to me that if Principle “launched the earth in its orbit,” (S&H p. 124)
It could launch my practice and direct its progress and growth. I knew I could trust the properties of Mind to act through Christ, God’s saving idea, to associate those willing and ready to practice Christian Science healing with those willing and ready to depend entirely on Spirit to be healed. Since as a practitioner I would be healing by spiritual means alone, it seemed natural to me that the attraction to this work would be by spiritual means, too.

And so it proved that a good many of the people who called for help during this period were brand new to Christian Science. And as if to show just how unlimited the divine law of attraction really is, I even received a call requesting help from Venezuela one day!  At this time, I then lived in the central United States, so this certainly made me feel humbly aware of the far-reaching power of Mind, which is always supreme everywhere.

The practice starts with healing your thoughts of anything unlike God. Watching your thought every moment. This was at first discouraging to me because I realized I was far from perfect and felt this might keep me from healing others. Yet it is divine Truth, not a person, heals. I had been a church member for only a few years when I started in the practice; but I overcame this discouragement through gratitude for what I had already learned from my study of Science.

Taking up a case in Science me made me grateful that God had sent it. Gratitude defeated discouragement; it purified my thoughts and motives. As I dealt with these challenges, I kept on studying and practicing what I was learning about God’s love for man to the best of my ability. I soon found that healing – at its simplest – took putting into practice what I understood, and what I was seeking to learn of God. It couldn’t work from the basis of someone else’s understanding; bur I could use what I understood of God and man. And that has always been enough. (Excerpts a from Radio Editorial interview dated December 12, 1989). The Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston, MA.  Betty Jean O’Neal