Class Instruction

Class instruction is an intensive two-week course that explores in depth Christ Jesus’ teachings and Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of the Christ power to heal. Class Instruction is based on the Chapter entitled “Recapitulation” in Mrs. Eddy’s textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which includes questions and answers about God, Christ, and man. Students gain a practical understanding of how the Christ, the promised Comforter enables them to demonstrate this healing power.

The two-week course includes four to five hours of class each day. In addition, study and preparation before and after each class is required.

Mrs. Eddy has also provided for on-going support of students at the end of class with an annual Association meetings at which the Teacher gives an address on a particular metaphysical topic and answers questions about the healing practice. And in preparation for their yearly Association, students research the metaphysical topic and apply the new insights they gain to their healing practice during the day-long meeting.

Mrs. Eddy also recommended that pupils “have good past records and promising proclivities toward Christian Science.” (Man 83:10-11). In order to gain the most from this teaching, it is important to have read through the textbook, Science and Health, before the beginning of class; to be familiar with its author; to have tested its healing potential.

The first step in preparing to take class is to trust that God is taking you every step of the way and that divine Love overcomes all barriers. God’s plan for your spiritual progress includes right timing, location and financial support for taking class.

Betty’s class is held in Lynn, Massachusetts once a year in the summer. The cost of the two-week course is set by the Church Manual and is $100.

If you would like more information about class, or would like to apply for admission to the next class, please contact Betty at 781-595-9944 or 781-223-1621 or

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